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A mix of western and easter starter dishes that capture the flavors for your taste buds

Dinning Mon – Sat 5:00PM – 10:00PM (LAST ORDER (9:45PM)

Dinning Sun 5:00PM – 9:30PM (LAST ORDER 9:15PM)



Bukhara Fried Prawns

Tender Prawns marinated with chili flakes in rice flour batter and served with tartar sauce and in house salad.


Barbecue Chicken Wings 

Spicy chicken wings roasted in Tandoor Oven and served with sweet chili sauce and in house salad.  


Manchurian Sauce

Crisp fried choice of your liking with green onions, soy, and garlic, sweet and sour sauce.  Cauliflower $7 | Chicken


Hot Chili Garlic Sauce

An all-time famous Indo-Chinese combination of tomato, garlic, chili and finished with soy sauce.  Paneer $7 | Chicken


Crispy Calamari 

Calamari rings, hand breaded and fried served on a bed of lettuce with sweet chili sauce and garlic dip.  


Vegetable Samosa 

Two crispy pastries stuffed with potatoes and green peas.  



Delicately spiced fried fritters lightly batter in chic-peas flour and served with tamarind and mint sauce.  

Veggie $6 | Paneer $7 | Chicken $8 | Fish $9

Samosa Chat Delight 

Two crispy pastries stuffed with potatoes and green peas and served with on top homemade Chana and three sauces.  


Paapdi Chat

Puffed crispy wheat biscuits with herbs, potatoes, chickpeas and three Chutneys.  


Dahi Bhalla Chat

Lentil ball served in Yogurt with tamarind and mint sauce.  



Chicken 65

A famous dish from Hyderabad, Marinated and crispy fried in Indo-Chinese style.



Aloo Tikki Choley

Crispy potato patties served with homemade Choley with three sauces.




Garlic, white wine, basil, parsley, ricotta.  



Roasted chickpeas four temper with Indian spices and herbs simmered in coconut milk.  

Plain $6 | Chicken $8 | Lamb $9


Tomato & Basil

Bay leaf, whole peppercorns, lemon.  



Bukhara Salad

Fresh field green tossed with vine-ripe tomatoes, baby cucumber, red and green bell pepper, and Roman lettuce served with your choice of Dressing.  


Chicken Caesar Salad

Fresh romaine lettuce tossed with parmesan cheese, garlic croutons and Caesar dressing.  




SALADS - Served with your choice of Dressings (Ranch, Thousand Island, Vine grate, Mint or Tamarind)