Our Short History

"Indian Cuisine is like 75-Carat Diamond in the world’s flavored cuisine ring.”

Indian Spices attracted humans from all over the world and today we bring Indian Spices and Real Indian Taste to you. We will be serving large variety of dishes, appetizers, snacks side dishes and desserts to meet the taste of spice lovers savory and sweet alike.

Some say that the Indian cuisine is almost as diverse as the European cuisine because of the 4 main different regional styles; The North Indian Cuisine (the regions Benaras, Kashmir, Mughlai, Punjab and Rajasthan); the South Indian cuisines (from regions of Andhra Pradesh, Kannada, Kerala and Tamil Nadu); East Indian cuisine (regions of Assam and Bengal) and Western Cuisine from Gujrat Maharashtra and Goa.

The northern part of India is mostly rural, although it contains large cities such and Delhi and Calcutta, its cuisine is mostly agricultural and wheat is the primary constituent of this region’s dishes. Southern region however tends to be more exotic, spicier in their dishes and rice is constant ingredient in the dishes. To give taste to its dishes North Indians use onion and Coriander (Cilantro) whilst Southerners use a coconut base for their dishes.


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Awesome food! Came here for lunch buffet and they have a good variety of dishes, and more importantly everything is fresh and flavorful.

Delicious food. We ordered Mughal mutton korma, chicken tikka, Kashmir naan. Everything was so perfectly cooked, fresh and tasty. Highly recommended!

I went to this newly opened restaurant and it was fantastic. I went to have a date dinner with my wife for her birthday. The food was superb and service was excellent.

Mandeep Singh